Defend Our Rivers - Stop the Pipeline

Our waterways are what make Oregon beautiful; they are critical for natural ecosystems, recreation, and our drinking water. And they are under threat from the Jordan Cove pipeline. This dirty and dangerous proposed fossil fuel pipeline threatens nearly 400 beautiful Oregon rivers and streams, including the Rogue and Umpqua. With record breaking heat and wildfires raging across the state, we can't afford to put the natural places we love at risk and build more fossil fuel infrastructure—we need to continue moving towards 100% renewable energy.

The good news is that Governor Brown can stop this dirty fossil fuel pipeline. We know that Gov. Brown is a strong environmental champion, but with oil and gas companies spending almost $120 million on lobbying our politicians in 2016, standing up to them can be a tough decision. If we show that Oregonians from north to south want to defend our rivers, we can get Gov. Brown to direct state agencies to stop this dirty fossil fuel pipeline.

That's why this term we'll collect 5,000 public comments from students across the state. We'll also be showing up at the governor's events, praising her environmental record and emboldening her to defend our rivers against this dirty pipeline.

If you’re ready to get to work defending our rivers the best way to get involved is to apply for an internship so you can take on a leadership role, build your resume, get course credit, and meet really great people. But if you have less time you can also volunteer and make a huge impact! Either way, we have a lot of exciting volunteer opportunities.

Campaign Updates

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University Students Volunteer to Help Peers Save Electricity & Money

Sunday, November 6th, 2011, about 30 students from across the Pacific Northwest stopped by five different sororities and fraternities around the UO campus to help tenants weatherize and save electricity.

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SOU Plans Energy Fair

Southern Oregon University students will hold an energy conservation fair for elementary and middle school students from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, in the McNeal Building's small gymnasium at SOU's Ashland campus.

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Powershift West: Building clean energy leaders for tomorrow

Creating a clean energy economy and fighting global warming is a big task. It won't be acocmplished in one generation alone. And it will take tens of thousands of leaders in communities across the country to push to make it happen.

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