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Solar and Clean Energy Campaign

This term for our lead campaign we are working to fight global warming by passing renewable energy legislation. Climate change is a huge threat- globally we’re already experiencing more severe storms, ocean acidification and drought. Here in Oregon last summer we had giant wild fires. We know that the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for our warming planet and we need to transition to renewable energy. Last year we worked to get the Governor to commit to getting 10% solar in Oregon by 2025. We ran a big vote on campus during student elections to sign on the student body and won by 89%! With that support we then met with Governor Brown and lobbied her directly.

Now this term we’re working this term to convince our state lawmakers to pass legislation that would be the BIGGEST renewable energy bill EVER in Oregon. It would commit our state to 50 percent renewable energy by 2040 doubling our renewable energy, increase solar, and remove 100(!) percent of coal from our energy mix. This is landmark legislation that would make Oregon a leader in the country on renewable energy. This bill has to get passed by the end of February, and students will play a huge role in the advocacy effort. To get our voices heard we’re going to be collecting public comments, making activist calls, getting in the news and finally we’re going to head up to Salem to for a giant lobby day to lobby our elected officials and make sure they vote the right way. 
Time: Monday at 5:30pm
Location: Condon Hall
Coordinator: Caitlin Feely, (503)

Get Big $ Out of Politics Campaign

We're working to reclaim our democracy through fairer elections. Elections are supposed to be one person – one vote. Unfortunately, mega-donors and corporations are drowning out the voices of ordinary voters like you and me. As a result, instead of listening to their constituents on issues like the environment or public health, politicians favor the donors who funded their campaigns. So we're fighting to empower the voices of regular Americans by campaigning for a system that matches small contributions to candidates who don’t take money from large or corporate donors. We’re already seeing this system work in places like New York City, and we could definitely do this here in Oregon! Last term we hosted a big townhall forum with the mayor. This term we will be lobbying our elected officials, hosting debate watching parties, and release a report to the media.
Time: Monday at 6pm
Location: Chapman 307
Coordinators: Emma Brower, (907)

Hunger and Homelessness Campaign

Oregon has the highest rate of child hunger, at about 30%. We think that we can make a direct impact on this issue by partnering with local food banks to make sure our neighbors have access to good and healthy food. So, we’ll be working with groups like Food for Lane County to raise money and run food drives so that we can feed our neighbors. For example, year we had an awesome Trick-or-Can event on Halloween and collected 2,000 pounds of food in just 2 hours!
Time: Tuesday at 6pm
Location: Chapman 207
Coordinator: Richard Lopez, (323)

Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics Campaign 

Right now we’re working to stop the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms. The overuse of antibiotics creates superbugs, which cause illnesses that can’t be cured. Yet 70% of the antibiotics sold in the US are given to livestock, often to animals that aren’t even sick. Last year 2 million people become infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria and 23,000 people died. So OSPIRG is organizing the public to push for change. Last year we helped get McDonalds to go antibiotic free nationally, and last term we helped convince Subway! We know its possible to convince big chains to switch by showing them millennial consumers support this. So now we’re continuing the effort by pushing KFC to be the next restaurant to switch. Since they care what millennials like you and me think, we’re going to be collecting petitions on campus and outside KFC stores, holding educational events on campus, and getting the issue on social media.

Coordinator: Nikaya Aprin, (541) 829-3363,

Tuesdays at 5pm in Chapman Lounge

Save the Bees Campaign

I’m not sure if you know this, but bees pollinate nearly seventy percent of the world’s food and they are facing mass die-offs. Without bees, we could lose major sources of food, including a variety of fruits and vegetables. Even coffee, chocolate and 30%  food we eat every day could be gone if we lose our bees. There are a number of explanations for the dramatic loss in bee populations.  Certainly global warming and loss of biodiversity are taking a toll.  But a critical problem affecting the bees, and the one we’re most focused on solving right now, is that bees are increasingly exposed to a relatively new class of pesticides called neonics.  o save the bees we need to phase out and then ban the use of neonics. So we’re collecting petitions to the EPA, holding educational events on campus, and working to get professors, dining halls, and other groups on campus to help pressure the EPA to act.   

Coordinator: Tan Perkins, (435) 714-0558,
Tuesdays at 6:30pm in McKenzie

Upcoming Events

Register for our Clean Energy Lobby Day here:

Wow. What an amazing Kick Off meeting!

Our fall volunteer drive was a huge success, and culminated last week in a record 189 volunteers at our Campaign Kick Off meeting. Thanks to everyone who turned out, and thanks to our student coordinators and volunteers who helped make it happen. 

Now we have officially launched our fall campaigns… and with 189 people we can make our campaign goals a reality! 

This term we are working to protect Crater Lake, fight global warming, alleviate poverty, conserve water, and get more citizens involved in our democracy- and we have already gotten started.

Below you will find meeting times, contact information, and upcoming events.




At our Kick Off we split off in to the different project groups we wanted to be a part of for the term. These groups meet every week, and are the main meetings you will attend. Everyone is in just one project group.

Here are the weekly meetings times and locations, and the contact information for the campaign coordinator. 

Crater Lake Campaign Group
Time: Monday at 6pm
Location: Chapman 307
Coordinators: Megan Schaap, (503); Frian Mardhani, (206)

Solar Campaign Group
Time: Tuesday at 6pm
Location: Chapman Lounge (3rd floor)
Coordinator: Caitlin Feely, (503)

Democracy for the People Campaign Group
Time: Tuesday at 6pm
Location: Condon 201
Coordinators: Emma Brower, (907); Casey Scofeld, (541)

Hunger and Homelessness Campaign Group
Time: Tuesday at 6pm
Location: Lillis 111
Coordinator: Richard Lopez, (323)

Water Conservation Campaign Group
Time: Thursday at 5:30pm
Location: Espresso Roma Cafe on 13th
Lead Coordinator: Blair Toy, (301)


Every two weeks our entire chapter, including members of all of the campaign groups, will meet together to plan and launch our largest campaign events. These meetings will be in Chapman 207 every other Tuesday at 7pm.


October 27th- Crater Lake Week of Action

Crater Lake’s deep blue waters make it one of the most incredible places in Oregon. Yet, year after year logging companies push to clear-cut old growth forest surrounding our only national park. This threatens critical habitat for eagles, elk, and spawning salmon. So OSPIRG is working to permanently protect half-a-million acres of forest around Crater Lake National Park. We are working to convince Senator Ron Wyden to introduce his wilderness bill in Congress, so we need to show him that students and community members want him to take action. This term we are working to demonstrate this support through a signature week of action on campus. The week of November 2nd through 6th we will be holding a giant petition drive on campus to collect thousands of petitions on campus, educate students, sign on coalition partners, get in the news, and then deliver those petitions to his office and have a lobby meeting. We will also work to increase the visibility of our event with a raffle in which students who sign the petition will be entered to win donated outdoor gear like backpacks, water bottles, and tents and a grand prize of a trip to Crater Lake. This is our Lead Campaign for the chapter this term, so everyone will be invited to participate. Our guest speaker at this meeting will be the Executive Director of Environment Oregon, Rikki Seguin.

This is also the opportunity for people to sign up for the Trick or Can event on Halloween and the Democracy Campaign SWAT trip to Seattle.
November 10th- Solar Site Visit and Eugene City Council Solar Vote

This meeting's focus will be on the upcoming hearing on our solar policy in the Eugene city council. It will also be where volunteers can sign up to come to the statewide OSPIRG Student Organizing Leadership Conference.

November 24th- In this meeting we will debrief our term campaigns and vote on the next year's campaigns.


During off-weeks we will have leadership planning meetings for core interns and volunteers. In these meetings we will plan our organization-building priorities like recruitment drives, funding and budget votes, and conferences. Anyone who is interested in learning more or participating in these organizational efforts is invited to come, but these meetings are not mandatory.

These meetings will also be in Chapman 207 Tuesdays at 7pm, on October 20th, November 3rd, November 17th, and December 1st.


Taught by our Campus Organizer Jacob Wyant, these classes are folks doing the internship for course-credit or not-for-credit, and will cover key campaign skills like backwards planning, lobbying, and working with the media. 

The two times are:
Fridays at 12pm
Fridays at 3pm

Organizer: Jacob Wyant, (503)

Upcoming Events:

Week 5

Trick or Can Event: On Halloween we will be trick-or-treating, but instead of asking for candy we will ask for canned food donations for Food for Lane County. Last year at this very fun event with had 40 volunteers and collected 2,000 cans of food.

Democracy Campaign SWAT Trip to Seattle: Come Help Win Honest Elections Seattle Initiative- This week, Seattle voters will get their ballots in the mail and start voting on initiative 122 – Honest Elections Seattle. This reform would lower contribution limits in all city races, ban contributions from corporations with big contracts, and create an innovative small donor campaign finance system that would give all voters four $25 “Democracy Vouchers” to donate to candidates choosing to participate in the program. Candidates who pledge not to take big money can fund their campaign by appealing for contributions from the everyday citizens who elect them. WashPIRG helped gather signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot and will now be working to get out the vote. Seattle residents will receive their ballots in the mail next week, and with just a month until Election Day, well-funded opponents of I-122 are poised to run attack ads against the campaign. To win, they need reinforcements to knock on doors, make phone calls, and get out the vote. We will be traveling up to spend a weekend in Seattle to be part of this critical campaign to get big money out of politics.

Week 6

Crater Lake Petition Drive: The week of November 2nd through 6th we will be holding a giant petition drive on campus to collect thousands of petitions on campus, educate students, sign on coalition partners, get in the news, and then deliver those petitions to Senator Ron Wyden and have a lobby meeting…all in an effort to protect half a million acres of forest around Crater Lake National Park. We will also work to increase the visibility of our event with a raffle in which students who sign the petition will be entered to win donated outdoor gear like backpacks, water bottles, and tents and a grand prize of a trip to Crater Lake.

Week 7

Solar Site Visit: We are working to get the city of Eugene to commit to a strong solar goal in their Climate Action Plan. We will be inviting City Council members to tour a brewery with us that just put up solar panels, and inviting the media to join.

Week 8

Solar City Council Vote: On November 16th the Eugene City Council will hold a hearing around its Climate Action Plan. We will pack the room with students testifying that they want the city to commit to a strong solar energy goal to fight global warming.

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: The week before Thanksgiving we will participate in the National Coalition of Students Against Hunger and Homelessness event, the Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Part of this week will be a giant canned food drive with a ever-growing can pyramid in front of the EMU where students can bring their donations.
Jacob Wyant
Campus Organizer, OSPIRG Students | (503) 779-7603